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Samantha Miller is happy to have gotten her dream job: a junior management position at IRT. “Innovative Reshape Technologies” is one of the hottest employers, since the company has not only invented transport technology, but is working hard to improve it.

As Samantha enters the huge IRT building on the outskirts of town she expects to be shown to her desk and meet her colleagues, but a security officer leads her to a remote part of the whole complex and underground … Samantha is asked to go through a door, which closes behind her, and she finds herself in some kind of white, tiled, aseptic looking room.

She is asked to assist in a few experiments, so she can get first-hand experience with the stuff she will manage. To her it’s obvious that she doesn’t have a choice in this matter and has to play along. Reluctantly ...    


TPORT is a first-person puzzle game.

You will need to solve puzzle rooms by utilizing personal teleporter units. Place up to three of these at any time you want. After activating a unit, you will be teleported to the position the unit was placed.

The tricky part is you can only choose the unit you want to be placed and not the unit you want to be teleported to. The teleporting order is fix and must be kept in mind while placing the teleporter units.